First impressions: Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette


Happy Thursday everyone!

I am once again free from the death grip of exams and back at ya with a new blog post! As previously hinted, this post will be about my first impressions on the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette that I recently bought. The palette comes in two versions, and I opted for the palette in "Hot Spice". You can purchase this Ulta-exclusive palette from Ulta for $10.

This palette contains 8 blush shades that are a mixture of mattes, shimmers, and baked textures. The shades included are described as "rusty neutrals and pinky peaches", that really hits the nail on the head. The product photo on Ulta's website truly does not do this palette justice. All of the shades are gorgeously saturated and guaranteed to warm up your complexion. Although the palette is marketed as a blush and contour palette, there are no shades in it that you can contour with. Even the more neutral tones are too pink to be flattering as contour shades. That being said, the mattes and shimmers will apply beautifully as blushes and the baked shades will be great to highlight with.

The Ultra Blush Palette has the same packaging as the Golden Sugar palette which I really liked. I discussed the packaging in more detail in my first impressions post on that palette found here. The one caveat is that none of the shades have names, which is a bit of a letdown but not a make-or-break quality for me. The blushes themselves are powders and apply easily with a blush, unlike blushes of a creamier consistency like Colourpop's blushes. 

I don't have pigmentation issues with any of the shades aside from the baked shades. Below are the swatches of each of the shades. Apologies for the crummy picture; I was losing my natural light and had no choice but to take them in front of my window to make sure the pictures were true to real life.

The first shade in the top row (leftmost in my swatches) looks coral in the pan but actually pulls pretty bronze on me. It is definitely one of the most pigmented shades in the palette. The second shade in the top row is a true peach and probably my favorite shade in the entire palette. The third shade in the top row surprised me the most, as it looks fairly unsuspecting but actually swatched as a super hot pink. The final shade in the top row was one of the baked shades and was somewhat disappointing. It is a champagne-pink shimmery shade that will apply nicely as a highlighter, but didn't pack quite the punch I expected from it. Although it is somewhat hard to see in the picture, it has silver sparkles that reflect nicely in the light. Regardless, I was somewhat underwhelmed by it.

The bottom row has shades there are more orange-toned. Although they appear a bit less pigmented in my photo, rest assured that they are equally as pigmented but do not appear so due to the crummy lighting. The first shade in the bottom row is a tangerine shade that is actually surprisingly lovely. The second shade in the bottom row is a more subtle peach shade that will be perfect to use on more subtle makeup days. The third shade in the bottom row is fairly similar to the second shade in that row, but the second shade appears to be a bit more rosy. The final shade is the one that was the most disappointing for me. I was hoping to get a bit more color out of it after seeing how gorgeous and unique it was in the pan. It is a baby pink shimmery shade that is lovely highlight when built up, but it takes several layers to get any real color pay-off for it.

Overall, the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette is great quality for how inexpensive it is. My blush collection was severely lacking, so now I have six new blushes at my disposal. In fact, I'm considering purchasing the alternative, cooler-toned version of this palette in "Sugar and Spice". While the matte and shimmer blush shades of this palette have fantastic pigmentation, I wouldn't buy this palette expecting much from the shimmery baked shades unfortunately. Although I haven't had the chance to play around with it all that much yet, but the blush I wore today from the palette lasted all day without setting spray or powder so that is super encouraging! If you're looking for inexpensive blushes with a great shade range, I would absolutely give this palette a shot. As some extra incentive everything from this brand is currently buy 1 get 1 50% off at Ulta ;)

Have you tried Makeup Revolution? Comment with some products I need to check out below!