My makeup staples

For my first post, I figured it was only natural to share my everyday makeup must-haves! While I switch up the lipstick, eyeshadow, and contour products I use daily, the products shown above are staples of my collection. I use these so often that they've essentially become a part of my face. And honestly, I'm pretty okay with that.

In my daily routine, I usually start by doing my eye makeup. This ensures that any fall out that may occur from eyeshadow application will seamlessly be covered when I later put on my foundation. After applying the eyeshadow I'm going to wear for the day, I move on to applying my eyeliner.

Without fail, I always reach for my Kat Von D tattoo liner in the shade Trooper. You can purchase this at Sephora for $20.

As you can see since the design is worn off, this eyeliner is very well-loved by me. I've been wearing winged liner since I was 13. That's 8 years of experience testing out different brands and types of eyeliner! For me personally, using a liquid liner is easiest for creating an optimal wing. You just can't beat the crisp lines you get from the thin tip of liquid liners. Out of all the liquid liners I've tried, this one is the best by far.

This baby stays put all day. It doesn't even smudge when I take a shower. This is a godsend for my oily lids. The liner itself dries down to be a nice matte black. The application is smooth and never flaky. And I haven't even mentioned the best part - the brush is an actual brush with real bristles! This makes application a breeze. The brush itself is tapered, so it's incredibly easy to make both thick and thin lines. And the bristles ensure that the brush never falls apart. Because of that, one tube lasts me several months of daily use. I seriously cannot rave about this liner enough. At this point I've easily spent hundreds of dollars repurchasing it. If you're a newbie to winged liner and are looking for a good suggestion, give the Tattoo Liner a shot! 

After applying my eyeliner, I curl my lashes and apply my mascara. I've cycled through many mascaras trying to find one that satisfies my unrealistic expectations for my stubby lashes. Right now, I've been loving the NYX Double Stacked mascara. 

You can purchase the NYX Double Stacked mascara duo at Ulta for $15. I received this mascara for free when NYX was first piloting it several months ago. I had never heard of the mascara stacking trend previous to that, so I was excited to test it out. I plan on doing a review of the entire duo in the future so I won't go into detail about the fibers here. I use the base and top coat just as my mascara from day-to-day. This is because it holds up with or without the fibers! My lashes are honestly pretty puny and sad. I have an ideal image in my head of my lashes being voluminous while also defined, and this mascara gives me results pretty dang close to that image! The bristles on the brush work to both separate and thicken my lashes while simultaneously making them appear long enough to be visible (which is saying a lot for me). I will definitely be repurchasing once this tube dries out!

After finishing my eye makeup, I move onto my face. The primer I use changes day to day as I still haven't found one that I'm super in love with (if you have any suggestions, hit me up). However, the foundation I'm using has stayed consistent for the past year or so.

My foundation of choice has been Naked Skin. You can purchase it at Ulta or Sephora for $40. Although it is a bit pricey, I'd say it's completely worth it. It's medium coverage but feels incredibly lightweight on the skin. I've never found a foundation that makes my skin both look AND feel flawness until I stumbled across this foundation. It leaves my skin looking dewy and luminous even without a highlighter, creating a natural fresh-faced effect. I constantly get compliments on how nice my skin is when I'm wearing this foundation. And spoiler alert: my skin is not that nice without this foundation.

I find that it applies best when using a stippling motion with a flat-headed brush, although this could just be because that's the technique I'm most comfortable with. You can get away with using 1-2 pumps for light coverage, or 2-3 pumps for heavier coverage. It's never oxidized on my skin, so there's no need to worry if you miss a spot blending it into your neck. The best part about the foundation is that it lasts all day, even without finishing powder or setting spray!

After applying my foundation, I conceal any remaining blemishes with my Nars concealer.

You can buy the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer at Sephora for $28. This tube has lasted me several years, so it's absolutely worth it in my opinion!

As the name suggests, this concealer has a creamy consistency that makes it pretty high coverage. I use the shade Vanilla, which is a bit lighter than my actual skin tone, to cancel out the redness of any blemishes I have. I also occasionally use it as a highlighter. It's also great for undereye concealing - it never settles into the wrinkles underneath my eyes like most other concealers do. I've also found that it stays put throughout the day without fail.

Since I've been on a highlighter kick lately, I love applying the Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter in champagne pop over my cheekbones, nose, and cupid's bow.

This particular product is the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector (pressed) in the shade Champagne Pop. You can buy it at Sephora for $38. I bought this product well after all the hype over it was in its prime, and it was the best decision! It's a beautiful champagne/light golden shade that leaves a glowing sheen on your skin. I love this product because there aren't huge chunks of glitter in it like some other highlighters. Instead, this product leaves a shimmer on your skin that will last all day. Behold the glo!

Finally, I finish my routine by filling in my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow.

You can purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade at Ulta or Sephora for $18. Although the jar looks small, fear not - I purchased my Dipbrow over two years ago and just recently hit a tiny bit of pan. The amount I have left will easily last me at least another 6 months or more!

This product is my HG brow product. My eyebrows are naturally very sparse, so I need to fill them in every day. This product is INSANELY pigmented. Like, you just barely have to touch your brush to the surface of the pomade to be able to fill in your entire eyebrow. I love it because it's buildable - I concentrate most of the product toward the end of my eyebrow and sheer it out towards the front. They also have a pretty decent shade range to match hair of all colors.

It's easiest to apply with an angled brush, and I highly recommend investing in the brush that ABH suggests for this product. The angled portion of the brush is rigid enough to produce crisp lines for the outside of your brow, and the spoolie is convenient for sheering out the front portion of your brow. You can buy ABH's #14 brush here. If you're a fan of a good powerbrow, this product is a must-have.

So there you have it! These are my makeup must-haves that never leave my collection. Have you tried any of these products? What are your makeup musts?