Beauty Resolutions 2017

  • Happy New Year lovelies!

It's officially 2017 and I still am in awe how quickly time is passing by. This year I graduate college and receive my bachelor's degree, move out of the bustling city I've been a resident of for the past four years, and begin to apply for graduate school. 2017 is sure to have a lot in store for me.

I wanted to do an unconventional post today talking about my beauty-related resolutions for 2017. These are goals I've set for myself in the arenas of both makeup and blogging. I've always been a big believer in the idea of setting goals for oneself in order to grow, so here are five goals I hope to achieve within this year:

  • Become more adventurous in my makeup application. This includes wearing color more often, branching out in trying different styles of eyeshadow, etc.
  • Purchase more makeup from indie brands. Smaller brands are super hardworking and are always striving to create unique products that aren't already saturating the makeup market. Keep an eye out for posts introducing some indie brands in the near future!
  • Improve my blog flatlays. I feel like I'm finally finding my stride with Instagram flatlays, but the photos I take with my camera for my blog could use some improvement.
  • Read and comment on beauty blog posts more often. Instead of watching The Office on Netflix for my 18th time, I'd like to support more of my fellow bbloggers.
  • Plan blog posts far in advance. I've started a blog planner in which I flesh out blog ideas as well as when certain posts will go live. Of course life happens and things may get in the way sometimes, but having a more concrete schedule will be beneficial for my sanity and the quality of my posts.

Although I've only been beauty blogging for a couple of months, it's enriched my life in ways I never anticipated. Blogging allows me to escape the anxiety I cope with every day. Blogging allows me to help others realize that beauty can be a luxury, even at low prices. Lastly, blogging has become a hobby in which I can set goals for myself to improve. For a while my life exclusively revolved around schoolwork and my job, but now I have a passion that I share with the larger beauty community. I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings!