Review: Kat Von D Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Happy Friday everyone!!

Today I'm going to be reviewing a higher end eyeshadow palette that I received from my generous boyfriend for Christmas. One of my favorite high end makeup brands is Kat Von D, as her products are generally of amazing quality and I look up to her as a person so much. This palette greatly appealed to me because of its shade selection - it has every color of the rainbow in a wearable form and the palette contains both matte and shimmer shadows. You can create an endless number of looks with this palette. Additionally it is MASSIVE - it's longer than my forearm and the pans for the shadows are all incredibly generous sizes. With 22 shadows included, it is well worth the $60 it retailed for.

Unfortunately, this was a limited edition palette that is now out of stock on Sephora and Kat Von D's websites. I wanted to get this post up asap to encourage anyone interested to look into seeing if it's still in stock at their local Sephora storefront. It is amazing quality as you will be able to tell from the incoming review.

Firstly, the packaging of this palette is amazing. It is super sturdy and has a massive mirror inside of it. All of the shadows have names listed below the pans which is something I love as it makes it easier to follow tutorials. The shadow names are also all listed on the back of the palette in Kat's classic medieval, elegant font. But the coolest thing about the packaging in my opinion is that the title of the palette is an ambigram - if you look at the first photo of this post, the title reads "Metal", but when you flip it 180 degrees it reads as "Matte".

As far as palette organization goes, the shimmer shadows are in circular pans in the top row and the matte shadows are in rectangular pans in the bottom row. It's apparent that a lot of time and thought went into how to organize the shadows and the end result is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. All of the shadows are super soft and creamy which allows for effortless blending. Since the shadows are so soft, I have a tendency to over-blend some of them. However, the shadows generally layer well without pilling up or getting streaky, so over-blending becomes a moot point. 

Below I will be posting swatches of every shadow in the Metal Matte palette. Unfortunately, I am a dummy and forgot to charge my camera battery so I had to scramble to take swatch photos with my iPhone before I lost natural light. My apologies for the subpar quality of the swatches! Each swatch is on bare skin without any primer so you can see how each shadow performs raw.


Nebula: Deep cobalt blue shade with light blue sparkles. This shade reminds me of a sapphire gem. It's easily one of my favorite shades in the palette.

Watt: Muted dark teal shade with a mixture of gold, blue, and teal sparkles. I think this shade is super unique and it is also one of my favorites of the Metal Matte palette.

Ignite: Light aqua/blue shade with silver sparkles that applies beautifully to the lid.

Tinsel: Pewter shade chock full of big, chunky silver glitter. This shade is a glitter bomb and does not appear as metallic as the others

Glitz: Super light peachy pink shade with white-gold sparkles that leans a bit warm-toned. This shade blends almost perfectly into my skin which is why it looks fairly invisible, but trust that it does have beautiful pigmentation.

Twinkle: Light lavender shade with silver and light blue sparkles that leans cool-toned. This is one of my personal favorites from this palette; it is a lovely and unique shade to use as an inner corner highlight. 

Volt: Deep burgundy/purple shade with bright purple and gold sparkles. This one has a whole lot of dimension that I wasn't able to capture in my photo. The glitter in this shadow is a bit more prominent compared to the others with metallic finishes, though nowhere near as chunky as the glitter in Tinsel.

Synergy: Warm caramel shade with gold sparkles. This shadow is perfect to use on the lid to amp up a neutral eye look. 

Flash: True gold and orange and yellow sparkles that leans very warm-toned. I had been lusting after a shade like this for a long time so I'm glad to finally have one to play with. 


Linen: True white that surprisingly leans a bit cool-toned. This shade is more powdery and thus not as opaque as the rest of the matte shades. It took several layers to build up this swatch.

Jet: Black shade that isn't too intensely pigmented right from the get-go. I am terrified of using black eyeshadow other than blended out in my outer corner, so I can appreciate that this shade works best when built up rather than being aggressively dark from the start.

Velour: Bright ocean blue that was fairly pigmented with one swipe. This shade builds up well but isn't quite as soft as the rest, so it is a bit more difficult to blend out.

Stone: as the name suggests, this is a stone gray shade. This is one of the shadows that is most prone to blend out to be sheer, but it is also layers well and performs better over primer. I think this will be a great shade to create a classic smokey eye with.

Moss: Muted forest green shade. This is one of my favorites in the palette. It is super pigmented and easy to work with. Plus, it complements brown/hazel eyes beautifully.

Ribbon: Muted royal purple shade. I was interested to see how this shadow performed because purple is notoriously the hardest color for companies to formulate. This one did fall a bit short for me; it is not as opaque as I had hoped for and it was difficult for me to layer it to build up more color.

Silk: Mauve-toned shade that leans way more warm on me than I expected based on how it looks in the pan. It is not quite as purple as I had hoped for, so instead I've been using this shade to compliment neutral-toned eye looks. It sheers out very easily and requires a few layers to build up noticeable pigmentation.

Fringe: Light coral shade that contains a bit more orange than pink hues. It does appear to have a light base so it's not intense on my fair skintone, but I love how this shadow looks in my crease.

Feather: Light lemony yellow shade that was somewhat disappointing to me. It took a bunch of layers to see any shadow on my skin at all and is super powdery like the Linen shade is. It looks like it has so much potential in pan, but this one was a miss for me.

Oak: medium warm-toned brown that performs gorgeously. Out of all of the mattes, this is the one that was the most opaque with one swatch. It was also the one that blended out the easiest for me. Overall it gets a 10/10 from me. 

Suede: Super light tan shade that pulls warm-toned. It blends out super easily so I like using it as an initial crease color. When used as a crease color, it works nearly universally with every other shade in the palette, especially those that are warm-toned.

Bone: A very light cream shade that is just a tiny bit lighter than my skin. I love using this shade to set a base for my lid shadows and to highlight my brow bone. I prefer using this shade over Linen as I feel that Bone is more workable.

Velvet: Gorgeous, rich dark burgundy shade. As you can tell in my swatch, this shadow has a tendency to build up in one spot and refuse to blend out from there on bare skin. However, it blends out much more easily when applied over a primer. Burgundy's are some of my favorite colors to work with on my eyes and this one does not let me down so long as I have my trusty Primer Potion on hand. I love using it to add some depth to my outer corners. 

Although the shimmers undoubtedly perform better than the mattes in this palette, that is to-be-expected on a formulation level. The mattes themselves still perform better than many other matte eyeshadows I've tried. In terms of color selection, this is easily the most versatile eyeshadow palette I own. It inspires me to play with color in creative ways I never would have thought of before. If you're someone looking to add a little wearable color to their eyeshadow stash swimming in a sea of neutrals like I was, this is the perfect palette for you. Head to your local Sephora today in search of this baby before it's gone forever!