Review: L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Hair Products

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I'm going to be talking about the L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay line of hair products. I received these products for free from Influenster to test out, but as always my opinions shared in this post are 100% my own. If you're interested in signing up for Influenster and getting to try out some free beauty products in exchange for an honest review, feel free to use my referral link!

The L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay hair line consists of a Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask, a Rebalancing Shampoo, and a Rebalancing Conditioner. The goal of this line is to provide you with an affordable spa-type treatment that you can use on your hair in the comfort of your own home. Three different types of clay are incorporated into the L'Oreal products and each serves a difference purpose. Kaolinite (white clay) serves to absorb oil from your roots. Montmorillonite (blue clay) has water absorbing properties. Argilane (green clay) cleanses and also has powerful absorbing properties. The Extraordinary Clay line is thus targeted toward people who struggle with oily roots and dry ends. My roots are perpetually oily and my ends tend to look dry/dull due to dyeing my hair and going too long between hair trims. I do not have good hair habits at all, so it tends to look a little worse for wear.  These products all sounded great to me, so I dove right in.

To get the most out of the Extraordinary Clay product line, you are supposed to apply the Pre-Shampoo Mask to the roots of your hair, applying it down to about one inch from your scalp. You then leave the mask on for five minutes, hop in the shower and wash the mask out, then follow up by using the Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner. L'Oreal claims that you should be able to go up to 72 hours without having greasy-looking hair. I can normally only get 24 hours at the absolute most before looking like I dunked my head in a vat of oil, so this was a bold claim that I put to the test.

I'll start off by saying that I liked using the hair mask. It was relatively low fuss, being both easy to apply and wash out. I did however hate the packaging it came in - you have to scoop out the product from a tub with your fingers. My hair falls out easily, so after rubbing the mask through my hair a few times, a bunch of hair got wound around my fingers and thus ended up in the remainder of the mask in the tub. Not cute. I've also noticed that you need to use quite a fair amount to adequately cover your roots. This is not a huge issue since it is such an affordable product, but it was something that took me by surprise. The shampoo and conditioner come in massive bottles so those are bound to last me way longer than the hair mask will. All together, the products smell nice and fresh and don't have a super unpleasant clay scent which I was nervous about.

After using the entire line of products, I got about two days out of my hair compared to the mere one day that I normally have to deal with. Doubling the wear time of my normally greasy-ass hair is pretty impressive, so I give props to L'Oreal for that! However, there were some pitfalls that prevented me from falling head over heels in love with the Extraordinary Clay line.

Firstly, although the mask worked well to keep my roots from looking oily, it dried out my scalp a ton. Even though I have oily hair I still struggle with dandruff, so an itchy scalp is no bueno for me. Ultimately I was itching my scalp often enough that oils from my fingers were transferring to my roots. I think this is what prevented me from getting to that 72 hour magical claim that L'Oreal boasted. 

Secondly, I did not notice a significant difference in the state of my ends. I did notice that my hair looks overall smoother, feels cleaner, and it is easier to brush through. However, my ends do not look as shiny or hydrated as I had anticipated. Perhaps that was just my own naivety and having my expectations set too high, though.

Overall I'd say that the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay line definitely works wonders for absorbing oil in hair suffering from greasy roots. However, I am not impressed by the itchy feeling it left on my scalp, nor am I astounded by the state of my ends. If you're looking for the fabulous shiny hair you see on the models in hair commercials, this product alone will likely not cut it. 

Have you tried the L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay line? Leave your thoughts on the products below!