Review: House of Lashes False Eyelashes


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. I had a positively amazing night with my boyfriend eating at a chocolate themed restaurant and planning a little getaway! 

Today I want to do an uber quick review of a brand of false lashes that I've been loving lately. House of Lashes is a cruelty-free brand that makes falsies out of human hair and synthetic fibers. Their stacked lash style is a fan-favorite among beauty gurus and average makeup lovers alike. I really like this brand because they offer a wide variety of lashes in light, medium, and dense styles and show how each lash style looks on different eye types. I have hooded eyes so lashes often look very different on me compared to someone whose lids are prominent or someone with monolids, so the comparison is super appreciated! They also offer mini versions of lash styles for people with smaller eyeballs.

The two styles of lashes I own from House of Lashes are Iconic and Noir Fairy. The band on each of these styles is much thicker than other brands I've tried in the past. This makes it much easier to apply lash glue, but it also makes forces me to wear some sort of liner to make sure the band doesn't look awkward and conspicuous. However, both of these lash styles are some of the densest HoL offers; the band on their light lashes appear much more natural based on the pictures on their website, so you can likely get away with no liner if you use those styles instead.

I apply my lashes using the Ardell LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive which works like a dream with these lashes. Unlike other lash brands I've used, these do not budge whatsoever on my lids. I haven't experienced any annoying lifting of the inner corner of the lashes over long wear time. The band is comfortable and does not poke my tearduct with sharp plastic like other types of lashes. For Valentine's Day I wore my Noir Fairy lashes from 8 am to 9 pm until I removed my makeup and they remained flawless all day. I haven't worn mine too many times as I only wear them for heavy makeup looks/special occasions, but I've read that they last a good 10-12 uses. Though they may seem pricey for falsies, if you break it down they only cost about $1 (or less for some styles) for each use - not too shabby if you ask me!

House of Lashes Iconic

House of Lashes Iconic

I've been lusting after their lashes in the style Iconic ever since I became a fan of Samantha Ravndahl several years ago. They amp up even the simplest winged liner looks. My lashes are sparse and short and these lashes are essentially the polar opposite - stacked, thick, and lengthened. I'm not a huge fan of lashes that are all the same length as I find them to look very fake. The fact that these are stacked make them mimic natural lashes. They do look quite dramatic but still remain lightweight and comfortable on my lids all day. 

House of Lashes Noir Fairy

House of Lashes Noir Fairy

The Noir Fairy lashes are much more feathery than the Iconic style. They're dramatically tapered so that the lashes closest to your inner eye are much shorter than the lashes at the outer corner of your lid. This brings an ethereal, cute element to your makeup look. Despite being a bit more feathery, these lashes are quite dramatic. The lashes appear dense but again remain lightweight and comfortable throughout the day.

For both the Iconic and Noir Fairy styles, HoL offers a "lite" version of the lashes. The lite versions have a thinner band and are more appropriate for everyday wear. I think these are the next styles I will test out. I also want to pick up some of their more natural styles to spice up my puny lashes for day to day use. The Au Naturale style is calling my name!

Have you tried out anything from House of Lashes? Which are your favorite styles? Leave a comment below!