Dynamic Duo: Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub and Righteous Butter

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

We've made it halfway through the week! Despite having Monday off for the holiday, this week still feels like it's dragging on to me. I'll certainly be welcoming the weekend with open arms!

Today's theme for the February Flatlay Challenge I'm taking part in on Instagram is perfect pair. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about two of my favorite skincare products to use in conjunction with one another. They are both from the brand Soap & Glory, a UK based brand that is sold in Ulta, Walgreens, and Target in the US.

I've talked about Soap & Glory's cleanser on the blog before, but today I'll be focusing on their Breakfast Scrub and Righteous Butter. Both of these products are ridiculously affordable, which is really saying something considering you get a massive tub of product for such a low price.  

After cleansing my face, I like to exfoliate a couple of times a week. Although I rarely stray away from chemical exfoliators, the Breakfast Scrub has really turned me on to quality physical exfoliators. Firstly, this product smells amazing! It reminds me of maple banana bread which is really pleasant compared to the harsh chemically scent of other exfoliators. In fact, it's ridiculously difficult to resist the temptation of licking it off my face. The Breakfast Scrub's texture is creamy with fine granules that work to powerfully scrub off any dry patches on your face or skin and leave you feeling silky smooth. The unique texture can be attributed to a combination of oats, shea butter, and sugar while bananas and almond and honey extracts meld together to create that that yummy scent. I love to use this exfoliator when I get pesky dry patches on my skin during winter. I think I'm also going to start using a bit of it on my body in the shower to buff out the small ingrown hairs I tend to get on my legs. 

As I've discussed many times before, I struggle with dry skin on my face. My face has not been intensely dehydrated lately due to better water drinking and skincare habits, but I still depend on moisturizer to create a smooth base to put makeup over. The Righteous Butter is the moisturizer I've been using every day for the past few months. It is a lighter moisturizer than some others that I've tried so I like to use it over a hydrating essence of some kind. I find that this one sinks effortlessly into my skin and doesn't leave a weird greasy film that makes me feel like a slug. My boyfriend struggles with intensely dry, cracked skin in winter and he loved using my Righteous Butter so much that he bought his own jar to apply to his knuckles, arms, and elbows. It does have a light perfumey fragrance that doesn't bother me, but I suggest giving it a sniff test before purchasing if you're sensitive to scented products. This is the perfect product to use after exfoliating with the Breakfast Scrub to draw some moisture back into your skin!

That concludes my super quick review of this skincare dream team. Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? Leave a comment below with your favorites!