Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit


Happy Friday, everyone!

We finally made it through the week! My weekend will be filled with studying, finishing up my capstone, and packing preparation for spring break. Nothing special, but I'm looking forward to a quick break nonetheless! 

I also want to apologize in advance as my blogging schedule is likely to be a bit erratic over the next couple of weeks. I have some big school commitments this next week and will be in California the week following that. I will do my best to get a few blog posts up during that time, but bear with me!

Today's post will be a quick review of the only Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit I own in Sweets. It is currently out of stock on ABH's website - hopefully it will be restocked soon as I do not believe it's limited edition.

These are definitely pricey highlighters as this kit costs $40. However, the pans of these highlighters are massive so you get a good deal of product along with four different shades. I'm willing to pay $10 a pop for quality highlighters!

To start off, the packaging of this glow kit is stunning. Its cover is a baby pink to white ombre packed full of light blue, pink, and lavender sparkles. The pans of the highlighters themselves are magnetic and removable. This is handy if you're someone who likes to depot makeup products into your own custom palette. The one qualm I have with the packaging is that it doesn't contain a mirror. This palette is large and there is plenty of space for a mirror on the underside of the cover. A mirror would make the glow kit more travel friendly, but likely more expensive. 

The quality of the formulation of these highlighters is impeccable. They're all smooth and fully pigmented with one swipe. None of the shades contain big, chunky glitter. Instead, they each leave an intense shimmery glean to your cheekbones and makes them appear wet.

Out of all of the glow kits that Anastasia Beverly Hills offers, the Sweets Glow Kit is my favorite due to its fun, whimsical shade selection. Although these shades may appear intimidating, they are all extremely wearable in reality. They also look stunning on all skin tones which is so important. How they manage to be universally flattering is beyond me, but ABH is a brand known for doing that best.

IMG_5640 new.jpg

Marshmallow: White base with light golden sheen. This shade looks magnificent on the palest of the pale skin tones. I also like to use it on top of some of the other shades in this palette to really knock my highlight out of the park.

Sassy Grape: Lavender base with sky blue shift. This is my favorite shade out of the four due to its uniqueness. It really adds an element of fun to any look while still remaining natural. If you're trying to channel your inner alien babe, this shade is for you.

Butterscotch: Light golden base with white reflect. The white sheen in this shade makes it super wearable on light skintones, unlike some other gold highlighters. Additionally, I feel like it would look especially stunning on people with medium to dark complexions. This is a great everyday highlighting shade.

Taffy: Peachy pink base with lots of golden shimmer. This shade pulls a bit dark on my skin tone, but it looks absolutely gorgeous with Marshmallow layered on top. It can also be used as a blush topper to add some dimension to your cheeks. 

This kit really is a great value considering ABH's highlighters are some of the most highly praised in the makeup world. Considering some single highlighters cost just a few dollars less for far less product, getting a glow kit is money well-spent. I'm obsessed with the shades in the Sweets glow kit and imagine it will be one of my favorites for a long time.

Have you tried any ABH Glow Kits? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below letting me know!