Dupe or Flop: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner vs. Nyx Epic Ink Liner


Happy Friday, everyone!

I am so thrilled that this week is finally over! I hope you all have some kickass weekend plans or are at least looking forward to doing some R&R.

Today's post will be pitting two eyeliners head to head to see who comes out on top. I heard that the Nyx Epic Ink Liner is a dupe for the famous Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper in a video on Kristen Leanne's youtube channel and was eager to test out the claim. The KVD liner has been my HG eyeliner for several years. I've repurchased it so many times, but spending $20 on a single eyeliner is admittedly not ideal. The Nyx Epic Ink Liner is only $7.99 - under half the cost of the pricier KVD option. That makes it a super attractive alternative.

To start off, I'll note that both liners have a satin black finish and apply with a brush tip rather than a felt tip. This allows for precise, easy application. I find that the brush on the Nyx liner is marginally stiffer than the KVD liner but is still easy enough to use. The pointiness of the eyeliner pen tip is exactly the same between the two.

Close-up comparison of the eyeliner pens. KVD Tattoo Liner on top, Nyx Epic Ink Liner on bottom

Close-up comparison of the eyeliner pens. KVD Tattoo Liner on top, Nyx Epic Ink Liner on bottom

As far as application goes, I sometimes find that when I apply the KVD liner, the brush tip gets a bit dry and I need to push hard and drag to disperse the right amount of product onto my lids. After using the Nyx liner exclusively for a week I haven't run into that issue at all. The Nyx liner has applied with optimum pigmentation with just one swipe. In that arena, it beats out the KVD liner. 

Impressively, I found that the Nyx liner lasts all day just as the KVD liner does when applied over eyeshadow primer. However, without eyeshadow primer, the Nyx liner was a bit of a mess on me. My eyelids can get pretty oily throughout the day if they're not set with primer. With the KVD liner I never have a problem with smudging regardless of whether or not I'm wearing primer. In fact, it doesn't budge even when I wear it in the shower! However, the Nyx liner smudged a bit on my oily eyelids when I neglected to wear primer. Not all of my eyeliner disappears, but I can definitely see the spots where the product lifts from my lash line when the smudging begins. On days where I'm doing a full eyeshadow look that I need to use primer for, the Nyx liner works like a dream. But on days where I just want to throw on a bit of liner before running out the door sans primer, I'd prefer to use the KVD liner.

Overall, I'd rate the Nyx Epic Ink Liner as a 4.5/5 dupe for the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner when it is worn over eyeshadow primer. Without primer, this liner gets demoted to a 3/5 dupe out of respect for people who ride the oily eyelid struggle bus like I do. I will definitely repurchase the Nyx liner again in the future because I run out of eyeliner far more frequently than I run out of eyeshadow primer. If you have a bit of primer to spare and you are tired of spending $20 on eyeliner, check out this Nyx product for sure!

Have you tried either of these eyeliners? Which eyeliner product is your go-to? Leave a comment below!