Formula 10.0.6 Face Mask Review


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I hope your weeks are going well so far. We were walloped with yet another snowstorm here in Boston yesterday which was a rude awakening having just returned from sunny California a few days before. On the bright side, the snow day gave me ample opportunity to redesign the Glamourish website! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new format in the comments below.

Today's post will be a review of a couple of new face masks I picked up a month or so ago. I picked them up from a brand called Formula 10.0.6 which can be found at Ulta, Target, and Walgreens in the US. They have a huge line of different skincare products targeting a multitude of skin issues. The best part is, their products are SUPER affordable! We all know that I can't pass up a good deal.

If you're new to the blog, it may be helpful to mention the skin concerns I struggle with. My face is dry and somewhat sensitive, and I suffer from large pores and redness. I picked up the Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask to try to target my clogged pores as well as the Get Your Glow On Skin-Brightening Peel Mask to bring some healthy glow back to my sad winter skin.

The Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask is only $6.99 on Ulta's website. It contains strawberry and yarrow that make it smell straight up amazing. Other noteworthy ingredients include kaolin (penetrates and clears pores), bentonite (absorbs oils), glyceryl sterate (softens skin and forms a protective barrier), and salicylic acid.

Immediately upon application, this mask burns and makes your skin feel tingly. It subsides after a couple of minutes, but the initial burning is not pleasant. After waiting the recommended 10-15 minutes, I notice that my skin looks softer and feels cleaner. My pores no longer appear to be clogged, leaving them smaller and less visible. If you have super sensitive skin I would recommend staying away from this simply due to the burning sensation it causes. I don't notice any irritation or redness upon washing off the mask, but if you're prone to skin blistering/peeling due to sensitivity, you may want to steer clear.

The Get Your Glow On Skin-Brightening Peel Mask is also only $6.99 on Ulta's website. This mask contains papaya and citrus for a light, fruity scent. Other notable ingredients include alcohol denatured (known to dry out skin, so beware), glycerin (moisturizes and forms protective layer), and betaine (moisturizes and smoothens). It's worth mentioning that I don't experience any burning or tingling with this mask, so whatever irritant burns me in the mud mask is not present in this mask.

This mask is insanely sticky and thick which can make application a bit tricky. However, the texture allows your to peel off the mask easily in large chunks rather than having to strip off tiny little pieces in an hour-long affair like some other peel masks I've tried. I will say that this is a really gentle peel mask; if you're looking for a powerful exfoliating peel mask that unearths all of your skin demons from within, this one may not be for you. However, if you're looking to perk up your skin, this mask does an excellent job at clearing out the dead stuff that's stifling your inner healthy, youthful glow. After waiting 15-20 minutes (a bit longer than recommended so that it fully dries down), I find that my skin transforms from looking dull to radiant. It's also super satisfying to see the dead skin and other gunk it sucks out of your skin. Gross, yet fulfilling. 

Formula 10.0.6 is an amazing brand to test out if you're looking for affordable skincare products that get the job done. It also happens to be one of the brands that goes on sale at Ulta fairly frequently, so there's ample opportunity to pick up some products for an even lower price than usual. 

Have you tried any products from Formula 10.0.6? Which are your favorites? Leave a comment below so I can check them out!