Review: Reskin Cosmetics Monday to Sunday One Week Treatment Sheet Masks


Happy Monday, lovelies!

I hope your weeks are off to a fantastic start! For the past week I've been testing out some products I received free for review from 0.8 liter. I received a box of the Monday to Sunday One Week Treatment sheet masks from a Korean brand called Reskin Cosmetics, which retails for $17 on Amazon. I'm a huge fan of Korean Beauty, so I was excited to give these masks a shot. Plus, can we talk about the packaging?! Absolutely adorable.

For those who don't know, sheet masks are Korean Beauty products that are made out of cotton or some other fiber that is cut into the general shape of a face. Sheet masks are soaked in an essence in their individual packaging, with different essences having different skin treatment properties. I think sheet masks are a great way to relax and feel like you're getting a spa treatment from the comfort of your couch. They hug all of the contours of your face, hitting areas that traditional face masks may not.

Personally, I find most sheet masks that I've tried have performed similarly - they bring intense hydration to my face, but don't do much beyond that extent. I'm still fine with this as it's the best way to efficiently hydrate my dry skin. Just don't expect to look like you drank from the fountain of youth or miraculously managed to shrink every single pore on your face just from applying a sheet mask.

This particular sheet mask set comes with 7 sheet masks, with the idea that you apply one each day to target different skin problems that may occur throughout the week. This idea feels a bit gimmicky to me but it's still fun in theory. However, one major con is that it's a bit risky to be applying a different sheet mask every single day of the week. Each sheet mask is soaked in essences that contain different ingredients, so you're introducing even more opportunity for your skin to react poorly to certain ingredients than you normally would be when only applying sheet masks 2-3 times per week. 

The "sheet" part of these sheet masks is made of unbleached organic cotton which was actually much different than any masks I've tried in the past. The masks even had tiny black dots in them which turned out to be cotton seeds. Since the mask is so natural, the material of the sheet itself is gentle and unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive skin. 

A lot of reviews comment on the fit of the mask, meaning the mask was too large, small, wrinkly, etc. on a wearer's face. However, I think that it's too difficult to design a universal fit considering everyone in the world has a different face size and shape. I have an extremely small head, so sheet masks are always massive and awkward on me. This one was no different, but it's still possible to make it work. 

Every single one of these masks was soaked in the most amount of essence I've ever witnessed. I had to squeeze off excess essence into the packaging so as to not make my apartment look like it was attacked by a giant slug. Impressively, there was enough essence left over to apply it to your face/neck/shoulder area or to apply to your face on another day. The packaging indicates that you should leave the masks on for 15-20 minutes, but the masks did not begin drying down until at least the one hour mark due to the extreme saturation. 

Since there was so much essence to soak my skin in, the one thing that each day's masks had in common was intense hydration and brighter skin - keep that in mind while reading the breakdown of each mask

Monday: This mask contained orange and sage extracts and claimed to refresh your skin. The essence had a light, floral, citrus scent that I personally really enjoyed. Admittedly it was a bit strong so if you're not a citrus fan, you may not like Monday's mask. I found that it left me looking more fresh-faced than I was previously, but that was about it.

Tuesday: This mask contained aloe vera and and allantoin to soothe your skin. This mask was super refreshing, but it made my face feel ice cold! This would be super pleasant when you need to cool down after a hot summer day, but it isn't super appropriate for winter use.

Wednesday: This mask contained lemon extract and claimed to brighten your skin. It was definitely less fragrant than Monday's mask, so if you're averse to citrus scents this one may be more your jam. This mask did precisely what it promised to do! My skin glowed brighter than it has in quite a while after applying this mask. I couldn't stop staring at it!

Thursday: This mask contains green tea and Japanese apricot and was targeted towards pore care. This was the mask I was most looking forward to since I have large pores that clog easily. This one had no scent whatsoever which was a nice change of pace. My pores definitely looked cleaner (there was less noticeable dark gunk on my cheeks and nose), but they didn't look any smaller. The results were not as drastic as the clay masks I like to use for pore care.

Friday: This mask contains lavender and berry extract to revitalize your skin. This mask smells STRONG like a stereotypical grandma perfume, however the scent did fade quickly. Aside from the added moisture I saw with every mask, this one did not have any other effect on my skin.

Admittedly, I've only been able to use the Monday-Friday sheet masks up until this point. This weekend was insane for me, so I'll be using the Saturday and Sunday masks this week. I'm greatly looking forward to the moisturizing powers of Saturday's glacial milk mask. Sunday's mask contains rose hips extract, so I'm also excited to try that as rose hip oil does such wonders for my skin!

Overall, while Tuesday's mask was certainly cooling/soothing and Wednesday's mask did brighten my skin immensely, the other masks were underwhelming in their treatment effects on my skin. I'd recommend these sheet masks to anyone with dry skin who's in need of masks that provide intense hydration. Additionally, if you're new to the KBeauty world, this set of masks is a convenient introduction.

Have you tried anything from Reskin Cosmetics? What are your favorite sheet masks? Leave a comment below so I can check them out!