BH Cosmetics Marble Collection Cool Stone Palette Review


Happy Wednesday!

It's time for part two of the BH Cosmetics Marble Collection review mini-series. Next up is my review of their Cool Stone palette. Read my review of its Warm Stone counterpart just one post back!


Like the Warm Stone palette, the Cool Stone palette is made out of strong, durable plastic. The cover is a marbled baby pink that looks so ethereal. Again, there is a large mirror on the inside of the palette which is super handy for travel.

The shades inside are set up similarly to how the Warm Stone palette is set up in the sense that you can create complete looks using the shadows in each individual row. This palette also contains a mix of mattes, shimmers, and frosty shades.

I absolutely love the color selection in this palette. I don't have a single other palette like it in my collection. The bright pinks, purples, and blues inspire me to be more creative with my eyeshadow looks. If you're a neutral-lover this palette may look intimidating to you, but I assure you that all of the shades are completely wearable.

These shadows all have the same textures as those in the Warm Stone palette. The matte shades are incredibly soft and smooth, but I do experience some fallout. The glitter shades are also smooth, while the frosty shades do feel a bit grittier to the touch due to lots of glitter. Some of the darker colors do need a few layers to be built up to full pigmentation. In general, I find the shades in this palette to be more pigmented in the Cool Stone palette than those in the Warm Stone palette.

Row 1 swatches

Row 1 swatches

Row 2 swatches

Row 2 swatches

Row 3 swatches

Row 3 swatches

As you can see in the swatches above, most of these shades have pretty decent color payoff. The most disappointing shade to me is the dark matte gray in row 3 - it's fairly patchy but does look decent after being built up a bit. I much prefer the gray with silver shimmer in row 2. The dark purple in row 2 also needs to be layered quite a bit but is a beautiful eggplant shade once you work with it.

My favorite shades in this palette are the bright pink, the light purple, and the two white shades. Although it's difficult to tell in these swatches due to poor suboptimal lighting, each of the whites are frosty, almost duochrome shades. The white in row 2 has a silver reflect whereas the white in row 3 has a lavender and sky blue reflect. They're both absolutely stunning when popped in the inner corner.

Overall, I'd venture to say that I prefer the Cool Stone palette over the Warm Stone palette. This is quite shocking to me as I tend to love my warm tones. The shades in the Cool Stone palette are more unique and pigmented, leading them to edge out the Warm Stone palette by a fraction of the inch.

Each of the palettes in the BH Cosmetics Marble Collection are fantastic quality for how inexpensive they are. I highly recommend picking one or both of them up if you're interested in playing around with a wide range of colors. At just $28 for the two palettes combined at full price you get 24 shadows. This is an incredible deal compared to how much product you get in more expensive high-end palettes!

Have you tried out the BH Cosmetics Marble Collection palettes? Which are your favorites? Be sure to leave a comment below if you're planning on buying them or if they're already doted upon pieces in your makeup collection!