Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow Review: Part 1

Happy Friday, loves!

I am so happy that it's the end of the week! I hope everyone has a fabulous upcoming Easter weekend. Monday is a holiday here in Massachusetts so I'm looking forward to enjoying my long weekend!

I am SO excited for today's review! I finally bit the bullet and ordered a bunch of Colourpop's new (ish) pressed eyeshadows a couple of weeks ago and have been putting them to the test ever since. I bought eight shades in total and will be reviewing the shades four at a time.

For every four eyeshadows you order, Colourpop sends you a free empty magnetic palette. The palettes are annoyingly bulky but I can't complain much given that they were free. I arranged my shadows in the way that I found most aesthetically pleasing, but I'm sure I'll rearrange them eventually to inspire myself to switch up the types of looks I can create.

The first four shades I will be reviewing are The News, Issues, Top Notch, and 143. Each of these particular shades have a matte finish.

The News: Rusty, muted reddish shade. This shade is described as a warm rose color online, but it's nothing close to that on me. Luckily I still find it to be a gorgeous shade that I will get lots of use out of regardless!

Issues: True orangey peach shade. This one makes my heart swell! It is the perfect shade for spring. I love using it right above my crease shade to give warm-toned looks a little extra pop. I find this color to be true to its online description.

Top Notch: Warm, chestnut brown shade. This one is described as a terracotta brown which I find appropriate due to its reddish undertones. Top Notch would be a gorgeous transition shade on dark skin tones. I like to use it as a crease shade as well as on my lower lash line, but it also looks great on the lid. Very versatile neutral shade!

143: Fun, bright fuchsia/magenta shade. It's described as an intense deep lilac on Colourpop's website which is not at all accurate. 143 is bold and bright as opposed to a soft, pastel lilac purple. This is a great shade for when you want to create a fun yet wearable colorful eyeshadow look.

The texture of each of these pressed matte shadows is quite smooth, though I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say that they're creamy or buttery. They do have quite a bit of kick up in the pan, so be sure to tap your brush off before applying to avoid shadow flying everywhere and having to deal with a lot of fall out. I've found that they blend out effortlessly. They do not need to be worked with too rigorously, so I love reaching these on mornings where I don't have much time to be fussy with my eyeshadow. The shadows last on my lids throughout the day when applied over an eyeshadow primer. I do find that they start to fade around dinner time, but I think they would hold up just fine throughout the entire day if I used a setting spray in addition to primer. 

Perhaps the most pleasantly surprising attribute is that each of these shades are immediately opaque. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to see how the pigmentation of Issues and 143 would be, as pastels and purples are notoriously some of the hardest colors to formulate. But these actually hit the nail right on the head! I haven't experienced any patchiness with any of these four shades at all.

Swatches from top to bottom: The News, Issues, Top Notch, 143

Swatches from top to bottom: The News, Issues, Top Notch, 143

Above are very light finger swatches over no primer. When swatched over primer, these four shades all pack a real punch. The weird lighting in the photo makes 143 look a bit patchy, but I assure you that it is not in real life!

Overall, I'm really liking the formula of Colourpop's Pressed Eyeshadows! I would recommend these to anyone looking to expand their eyeshadow repertoire on a budget. They have a huge variety of shades, so I found it very easy to pick out unique colors that weren't already a part of my collection. The only disappointment I've encountered so far is that Colourpop's descriptions of the shades are incredibly inaccurate for some shadows. I've also heard that some shades are more patchy/powdery than others, so I would recommend researching the shades you're interested in on Temptalia's website before purchasing. 

Next week I will be putting four more shades to the test, including some with shimmery/metallic formulas. I will get the review up for those asap!

Have you tried Colourpop's Pressed Eyeshadows yet? What are your favorite shades?