Review: Hey Honey Skincare


Happy Wednesday, all!

Today's post will be super brief as I am off to a cruise around the Boston Harbor tonight! This is one of my last celebrations with my friends before graduation and is bound to be a great time.

I wanted to talk to you about two products I love from a brand called Hey Honey. This brand creates skincare products that are aimed towards being simple and effective. What I find coolest is that they use honey as a natural ingredient in each of their products. Some skincare benefits to honey include natural antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the fact that it is a natural humectant (meaning it retains moisture in the skin.)

Hey Honey also sells a product called the Open Your Eyes Eye Contour Lifting Fluid from which 100% of the profits are donated to organizations dedicated to providing resources, assistance, and help to abused women. I'm a huge advocate for women's rights and I really appreciate when companies give back in such a large way. The coolest part about this is Hey Honey contacts customers who purchased this product and takes a vote to see which organization consumers want their money to go to - that way your voice is truly heard!

I've only tried two products from Hey Honey's skincare line so far but I've really enjoyed both of them. I've tried the Exfoliating Peel Off Mask and the Honey Silk Facial Serum.


Take It Off! Exfoliating Peel Off Mask: I really love using this mask when my skin looks dull. I find that it always manages to clean out my clogged pores to leave my face looking healthy, bright, and radiant. My skin always feels as soft as a baby's bottom after using this mask as well, which is a lovely treat. Although this mask does not provide a super deep exfoliating session, is does manage to pull off the most outer layer of dead skin cells from your face. You can actually see the bits of skin left on the mask, which is super satisfying. I really love peel masks as they remind me of when I was a kid and would put glue on my hands just to peel it off. This mask is similar to that sensation, as it comes off in one big piece. Just beware not to get any stuck in your hairline or eyebrows, as it is a bit of a pain to remove from hair.


Good Morning Silk Facial Serum: This is a pleasant, light moisturizing serum. It makes my skin feel so absurdly soft and satiny and evens out my skin tone. I really like using it on my cheeks where I get some texture due to large pores as well as uneven skin tone. This product is pretty multidimensional, as it can be used as a light moisturizer for people who struggle with oily skin, a makeup primer, a moisturizer on pesky dry patches, or simply a serum to smooth out your skin. It genuinely makes my skin feel better, like magic in a little tube.

I got many samples from this brand a long time ago when my mom and I were both subscribed to Ipsy. Unfortunately, I've finally used up the last of my samples, so I will be repurchasing these two products ASAP. I'm also eyeing some of Hey Honey's other products, such as their I Peel Good Biomemetic Honey Peel Cream and their 24Seven Honey Day & Night Cream. I do have an affiliate code that you can use to receive 10% off your first order from Hey Honey's website - woohoo! Use the code GlamourishHoney10 at checkout or shop through this link

Please note that I will make 10% commission on any orders that are placed with my code. However, this review is not sponsored and my thoughts on these products are 100% honest and my own. See my Disclaimer tab for more info.

Have you tried any skincare products from Hey Honey? Which are your favorites? Be sure to leave a comment below!