Favorite Day and Night Palettes


Happy Monday, everyone!

I don't know about you guys, but my week is already off to a craaazy start. Forgive me if my posts are a bit short this week - graduation is quickly approaching and my agenda is all filled up as a result!

Today I wanted to talk about two palettes in my collection that are staples for daytime and nighttime looks. Although I tend not to buy palettes for certain purposes, there are certain shades I find myself reaching for while getting ready in the morning versus when I'm getting all dolled up night out.

Day Palette:

My pick as of late to create daytime eyeshadow looks with is my BH Cosmetics Warm Stone palette. I spend most of my daytime hours at work in a children's hospital, so I like to use a warm-toned neutral palette to keep my makeup from looking over the top. This palette contains a great mix of warm-toned shimmer and matte shades that are work-appropriate. I also find that it's versatile - since it has 12 shades, I'm not using the same shadows day after day.

Night Palette: 

My go-to palette for nighttime and really any special occasion is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Admittedly the two palettes I'm highlighting in this post have very similar warm tones; however, Modern Renaissance has more ability to create deeper, sultry eyeshadow looks with. Some of my personal favorite shades to use when I have plans to go out on the town are Red Ochre, Venetian Red, and Cyprus Umber. Similarly to the Warm Stone palette, I find my Modern Renaissance palette to be creatively inspiring. I'm constantly seeing makeup artists create stunning looks using it on Instagram and Pinterest, so I'm never without inspiration!

Which palettes do you prefer using during the day/at night? Leave a comment below!