Brand Spotlight: Kat Von D

Happy Monday, all!

Today's post will be showing some love to my favorite high end beauty brand - Kat Von D Beauty. I've looked up to Kat Von D as a person since I was pretty young. My parents and I both have a lot of tattoos and I've respected her as an artist ever since her days on Miami Ink. When I saw her brand make its debut in Sephora many moons ago I was thrilled. I knew Kat's artistry would shine in all of her products, and I couldn't have been more correct.

I own just a handful of products out of the extensive KVD makeup line. These include several minis of her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, a Studded Kiss Lipstick, her Tattoo Liner (my HG eyeliner!) the Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette, the Shade and Light Contour Palette, and a couple of older lip products that are no longer in production (her Foiled Love Lipstick and Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick, for those who are curious). Each of the products I have are fantastic quality.

Kat recently did a behind-the-scenes Snapchat story to show her fans how involved she is with every step of her makeup production process. She creates ideas for products, tests out formulations, and draws out the packaging design for every item that's in the works. I find that to be really respectable, as oftentimes the head honchos of companies back off from the production process once their company is big (read: profitable) enough for them to do so. 


The packaging is definitely a huge part of what defines KVD's products and makes them stand out from their competition. Kat's packaging generally incorporates the color black and some sort of script-like, flowy writing. I find all of her products to look so chic and badass. The material of the packaging never feels cheap either.


I've reviewed a lot of her products in past posts so I'm not going to go super in depth into describing the products I do have. However, I will say that KVD's brand as a whole pushes creative boundaries and really does embody the idea that makeup is art. She has a huge range of shade options for her liquid lipsticks and is rolling out even more unique colors throughout the coming months. Her eyeshadow palettes are never the same; she has palettes dedicated toward neutral shade options as well as palettes that inspire you to play with bright, bold, or even pastel colors. I'm always eager to see which products are going to come out next.

One last thing I'll mention about why I love Kat Von D's brand so much is that they're constantly promoting and supporting makeup artists who you could consider outside of the norm. The artists they have on their team as well as those who they re-post on their Instagram account roll out looks I could never even dream of. Don't get me wrong - I love seeing a good cut crease every now and then. But the artists featured by KVD play with color and placement in a way that I find to be so creatively inspiring.

Have you tried anything from Kat Von D Beauty? What is your favorite high end brand? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!