Review: Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation


I had heard rave reviews of Wet N Wild's new(ish) foundation and was determined to try it out for myself once I ran out of my Naked Skin foundation. I found myself walking by the WNW display at CVS multiple times a week scoping it out, but my shade was always out of stock. Lo and behold, one random day it was in stock and I snagged it despite the fact that I'm not quite done with my other foundation yet. The Photofocus foundation is a complete bargain though, so I didn't feel too guilty dropping a couple of bucks to test it out. This is gonna be a lengthy review, so buckle your seatbelts, folks!

To start off, the packaging of this foundation is lovely and looks sleek for a drugstore foundation. The bottle is glass and has a nice weight to it. However, I don't care for the applicator much - it is a piece of plastic shaped like a spatula that's not flexible. I would prefer a soft doefoot applicator personally, but this one is definitely better than having to pour out makeup directly onto your hand. I use a beauty blender to blend this into my face and it looks perfect!

The formula of this foundation is super thin and liquidy, which made me concerned that it was going to be oily. However, it actually feels really lightweight on my skin and gives me a flawless finish, making my base look smooth to the touch. The finish is a mix between satin and matte but is not at all drying on my skin. I'd say that it is light to medium coverage but can easily be built up to full medium coverage without looking cakey or pilling up. It also doesn't oxidize on me whatsoever which is a huge relief!

There are only a couple of drawbacks that I've found with this foundation, most of which can likely be attributed to the thin formula. One is that it clings to dry patches. If you physically exfoliate prior to applying foundation, this probably won't be an issue for you. I've also found that it starts to break up/get slippery late in the day after about 8 hours of wear, particularly on my nose and the tops of my cheeks. Setting with powder may counteract this, but I have not personally tried that yet. If you wear glasses or have a habit of touching your face a lot, beware that you may have some spots of foundation rub off. One last note is that the foundation smells strongly like paint. If you're sensitive to scented products, this may be aversive for you.

As always, I would patch-test the formula to ensure you don't break out, especially if you have sensitive skin. The fact that it smells strongly of chemicals and that it's such an inexpensive product lends me to believe that there may be irritants in the formula.

In general, I absolutely love this foundation! It's one of the best drugstore options I've tried. I love using this as an everyday foundation. It may not be the best choice for a fancy event where you want full coverage or need it to last all day, but if you're looking for a natural, lightweight foundation this may be a great option for you. It's cruelty-free and amazingly affordable. The hype surrounding this foundation is well-deserved in my opinion!

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