Pale Friendly Bronzers


Happy Monday, everyone!

I had a blissful weekend celebrating my graduation and my little brother's birthday. The sun was shining, tons of family and friends came out, and I had an overall amazing time. I am very bummed that it's Monday, but I'll try to ride the high from this weekend as long as I can!

I've been slowly easing into wearing bronzer lately as it's something I was pretty terrified of in the past. I always thought that bronzers would make me look too orange so I shied away from it altogether. I've been dipping my toe into it more on days where I want to wear minimal makeup yet bring some warmth to my face after looking sickly from waking up at 5 am. Today's post will talk about some of the bronzers I've found that work on my pale skin tone and avoid making me look like an oompa loopma.


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: This bronzer comes in three different shades that work with progressively deeper skin tones. The lightest shade is nice for a subtle sun-kissed look, while the medium shade works great when you're going for a deeper, warm-toned contour. I like that this bronzer is somewhat sheer because I find that super pigmented bronzers make it way too easy to go overboard. The Chocolate Soleil bronzer can be built up to achieve your desired level of bronze. It also smells absolutely divine as it's formulated with cocoa powder - you can't go wrong!


Tarte Park Avenue Princess Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer: This shade definitely pulls warmer than the Chocolate Soleil bronzer but is still gorgeous. It is lightly speckled with yellow gold shimmer on a warm caramel base. This is not an ideal bronzer if you're looking for a matte contour shade, but works great to bring a healthy sun-kissed glow to your face without applying any highlighter. Again, this is a lightly pigmented bronzer that can easily be built up.

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer: Out of the bronzers listed in this post, Hoola is definitely the most pigmented. It is another warm toned bronzer that I like to use on days where I want to bronze my face heavier than I normally do. Since it is more pigmented it's very easy to go overboard, so I make sure to tap off any excess powder from my brush before applying. I really want to try Benefit's new Hoola Lite as I've heard rave reviews for how it performs on pale skin.

Swatches top to bottom: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, Tarte Park Ave Princess, Benefit Hoola

Swatches top to bottom: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, Tarte Park Ave Princess, Benefit Hoola

What bronzer works best for your skin tone? Be sure to leave a comment below so I can check it out!