Review: Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold Retro

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm happy to report that I'm back from a much-needed brief break from blogging! I graduated from my university on Friday which was unbelievably exciting. I also got to spend the weekend giving myself some major TLC at home with my family and my brother's new puppy, which was just as amazing as it sounds!

Today's post will be a review of the new Stila Magnificent Metal Liquid Eyeshadows. I had been eyeing these up after seeing the hype for them all over the Internet. I finally couldn't resist them anymore, so I picked up the shade Rose Gold Retro during the Sephora sale.

To start off, the packaging of these shadows are gorgeous. They're held in a sturdy glass container and are applied via a doefoot applicator. A lot of product does build up on the applicator in the tube, so I wipe some off inside before applying. Admittedly they are a bit smaller than I expected (since I ordered blindly online), but a little product does go a long way so I think I should get quite a bit of use out of mine.

These shadows are a liquid cream formula packed full of chunky, blingy sparkles. Despite the fact that they're so sparkly, the texture is not rough at all on the eyelids. Instead, they're super smooth to the touch and glide on effortlessly. Despite having a creamy texture, these shadows dry down in just a minute or two. I expected to have trouble with mine transferring to my crease since I have really wrinkly eyelids, but I was proven wrong. I've only ever used mine with primer, but from my experience it's lasted all day long without getting even the tiniest bit slippery or patchy. 

The shade Rose Gold Retro in particular is jawdroppingly stunning. It is true to its name, appearing as a pink toned copper base with lots of white gold sparkles. I had heard that some people experience some fallout with these shadows in general due to the sheer amount of glitter packed into them, but I personally haven't experienced that at all with the shade I have. Furthermore, this shadow is insanely pigmented. Patchiness is not an issue at all due to the thickness of the formula, making it easy to quickly apply without having to work with the product too much. 

I really love this shadow because it allows me to create a glam look in literally two minutes. It's honestly one of the only products I've ever tried where I've felt that I need every single shade in my collection. I plan on picking more up soon, especially the shades Gold Goddess and Diamond Dust - they are calling my name!

Have you tried these Stila shadows? What are your thoughts on them? Leave a comment below!