Intro to Indie: Looxi Beauty


Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

Today's post is the next installment to my Intro to Indie series, this time featuring the brand Looxi Beauty. You can find parts 1 and 2 of this series here and here

I first heard of Looxi Beauty on Instagram through two users (@molly_cristin and @nicbeautyx) who are always adventurous with color. The eyeshadow looks they created that I was most in love with tended to include Looxi shades, so I decided to check them out for myself.

Looxi Beauty prides itself on being a brand that creates cruelty free, innovative colors at an affordable cost. They never private label any of their products like some bigger brands do, so you know you're getting a 100% authentic product. At the moment they only have a variety of unique eyeshadows and highlighters. I purchased several shadows from their Aurora collection and a single highlighter.

The Aurora eyeshadows are some of the most brilliant duochrome shadows I've ever seen. Some of them are beyond duochrome, having up to 3-4 shifts in color. Therange of highlighters Looxi offers is also super unique, including your standard white, gold, and bronze shades as well as more eccentric shades like light blue, pink, orange, and coral with brilliant shifts of glimmer. 

It is worth nothing that all of the eyeshadows and highlighters come in a single pan, so you'll need a magnetic palette to store them in. Looxi offers empty palettes on their site and also gives you the option to purchase a larger sized highlighter in a compact. 

I ordered the eyeshadow shades Misfit, Omega, and Boujee and the highlighter shade Mimosa.

Misfit: stunning burgundy/teal duochrome. If you're obsessed with blue-brown shifts like I am, this shade is a must have. The reddish base is so unique and the teal sparkles immediately catch your attention in the light. 

Omega: words can't adequately describe this shade as there are so many crazy shifts in it. The base appears to be a deep blue, but reflects as pink, purple, green, or teal in certain lighting. This is a gorgeous shadow to throw on your lid with a simple matte brown shade in the crease for a low-maintenance yet stunning eyeshadow look.

Boujee: gold base with pinky orange and light green shift. This is another gorgeous shade that is super wearable in any circumstance. I can easily apply this before going to work without fear of looking too gaudy or dramatic in the office.

Mimosa: white gold to peachy pink highlighter. This shade is amazingly unique, yet still wearable in everyday life. It is breathtaking on fair skin tones. It does feel the tiniest bit gritty in the pan due to the sheer amount of glitter that it contains, but applies wonderfully to the skin. The glitter is very finely milled and not chunky like some other highlighters I've tried. However, if you prefer a "wet" looking highlighter over one that noticeably glimmers, this may not be the best-suited shade for you.

Swatches top to bottom: Omega, Misfit, Boujee, Mimosa

Swatches top to bottom: Omega, Misfit, Boujee, Mimosa

Unfortunately, static photos do no justice at showing off the duchrome nature of these shadows and Squarespace does not support the gif that I've created, so check out my Instagram (@glamour_ish) to see a gif of how gorgeously they reflect in different lighting.

So far I am blown away by everything I purchased from Looxi Beauty. The shadows lasted all day when I wore them over primer and I got bountiful compliments when I wore them. The highlighter stayed put on my cheekbones for 12 hours - all the way up until I showered - without any setting powder or spray. I will absolutely be repurchasing more shades of highlighters and the Aurora shadows when they're restocked in the future!

Have you tried any products from Looxi Beauty? Which products are catching your eye? Leave a comment below!