Review: Jouer Rose Quartz Powder Highlighter

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I went home to visit family and friends and had myself a great time. Unfortunately the hard drive on my laptop crashed so I've spent the past several days attempting to remedy that, but getting to escape from that stress for a few days was much needed.

Today's post is a review of Jouer's Rose Quartz Highlighter. Truth be told, I got sucked into the hype on this product. A rose gold highlighter is the quintessential makeup product for any beauty blogger. Luckily this highlighter is completely worth the splurge!

First off, the packaging for this product is absolutely stunning. The compact itself is light gold and mirrored, attracting many fingerprints but also looking great on my vanity. The box that the compact comes in appears rose gold on first glance but is actually holographic which is super pretty. It's one of those packages that I cannot bear to throw away since it's so eyecatching!

The texture of the highlighter itself is soft to the touch and doesn't feel at all gritty. Despite the fact that it is a powder highlighter, it feels almost creamy. It is also insanely pigmented - one small swipe is enough to make your cheeks look blinding. I feel like I'll never hit pan on this highlighter since a little goes such a long way! Although there is glitter flecked in the highlighter, the glitter is finely milled such that the highlighter gives a nice sheen rather than a chunky metallic or sparkly effect. The finely milled glitter allows the highlighter to blend effortlessly into the skin yet does not settle into my skin's texture or large pores.


The best part of this highlighter by far is the shade. Rose Quartz is by far one of the most unique shades in my collection. It is a soft, warm, peachy pink with a light golden sheen. As you can tell in my swatch photo, the highlighter appears peachy when under direct light but has a rosy shift in dimmer lighting (seen toward the edges of my arm). It truly does encompass the phrase "rose gold" in a way that I did not think was entirely possible. I have quite fair skin and Rose Quartz is light enough for me to use as a highlighter alone, but for extremely fair skin tones it may appear a bit too dark, but would make for a beautiful blush topper. I believe that Rose Quartz would look absolutely stunning on deeper skin tones. 

After trying out Rose Quartz, I would love to purchase more of Jouer's Powder Highlighters. The texture is everything I could hope for in a highlighter and lasts all day on my skin. I simply cannot recommend this enough!

Have you tried any of Jouer's highlighters? Which is your favorite shade? Leave a comment below!