Review: Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm

Happy Monday, lovelies!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I spent my Saturday out on my boyfriend's friend's boat all day and spent Sunday relaxing and catching up on blog stuff. 

Today's post will be a review on the new(ish) Nars Liquid Blushes. I bought one of these blushes about a week before Nars made their weird announcement about no longer being truly cruelty free. I am doing my best to be a more conscious consumer so the news of that really bummed me out. However, this blush was 30 whopping dollars, so I certainly will be putting it to good use still.

This was my first real foray into the world of liquid blushes. I was excited to try this out as I really prefer using liquid face products during the summer to avoid looking cakey or having my face feel heavy underneath a multitude of powders. I bought the Nars cult favorite shade, Orgasm, as I have never tried the powder version of the blush but have always been eager to.


Per usual for Nars, the look of the packaging for this blush is stunning. It comes in a weighted frosted glass container with the Nars classic velvet matte black topper. As a word to the wise, the top does not come off via a screwing motion as one might expect. Instead, you have to pull the topper off to reveal a small pump that distributes the product. If you make the same mistake as me and do not screw the top back on well enough after mistakenly opening it that way, your blush will spill in your makeup bag and cause a sparkly, pink-stained mess. Everywhere. Thus, this is not the most travel-friendly product at all.

The one drawback to the packaging is that the pump deposits way too much product. You only need the tiniest amount of blush to get full, eye-popping pigmentation. Using too much will undoubtedly create the dreaded clown effect on your cheeks. I personally like to use less than a pea-sized amount to cover each cheek for a subtle flush. I should also note that you need to shake it before applying, otherwise you're left with a watery substance with pink coloration separated from it.

I've found that the blush blends out the best when I use my fingers to blend rather than a brush. By warming up the product with your fingers, you are able to blend it seamlessly into your cheeks rather than leaving a harsh edge where the blush abruptly stops. I imagine that it would also work well with a Beauty Blender, however I am yet to try that.

I am extremely happy with my shade choice of Orgasm. Much like swatches I've seen of the powder version, Orgasm is a light peachy pink with subtle golden shimmer. The shimmer is PACKED into the blush, but somehow manages to remain inconspicuous. Instead, it creates the most gorgeous, sun-kissed flush on the apples of my cheeks. It honestly negates the need for highlighter when I'm going for an everyday, natural look. I find that my skin stays looking luminous throughout the entire day when I'm wearing this blush, even when I have not used setting powder or spray.

Overall, I believe that this blush is perfect for summertime if you're a fan of liquid face products. The only true complaint I have is the function of the packaging - although my spillage incident was user-error, it was unclear how to remove the cover and I did lose quite a bit of product. Additionally, I think the pump could stand to deposit less product, rather than having to press the pump down only halfway to get the desired amount of product. Since the blush itself works so wonderfully, I am totally willing to overlook my packaging concerns.

Have you tried any of the Nars liquid blushes? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!