Three Products to Help You Beat the Heat


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

We've made it halfway through the week! I hope hump day hasn't been too rough on you and you have some exciting weekend plans to drive you through this week.

Today's post will be featuring three products that are my ride-or-dies when it comes to making my makeup last through the heat. Summer gets hot and humid here in Massachusetts, so sweating is inevitable. I know that I won't have to panic about my face melting off when I use these three trusty products.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray: This is the one setting spray I keep coming back to over and over again. This sets my makeup throughout the entire day and night. I've even fallen asleep after a night out with my makeup on (I know, shame on me) and it did not budge because of this setting spray. It also has the added benefit of smoothing out your face makeup, making it blend flawlessly when otherwise you may look a little cakey. There's good reason for why this is such a highly acclaimed product


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: I swear I'm not trying to be a suck-up to Urban Decay in this post, they just make truly great products that help keep your makeup long-lasting! The first thing to go when my makeup starts to fall apart is always my eyeshadow. I have pretty oily lids despite having dry skin. Oily lids plus sweat from the heat makes a recipe for disaster. My eyeshadow will either fade by noon or end up all piled up in my crease sans primer. The UD Primer Potion is by far the best eyeshadow primer I've tried. It makes my eyeshadow last all day long no matter what, and it even helps my eyeliner stay flawless throughout the day. It's smooth and allows for shadows to blend effortlessly on top of it. Creasing is a thing of the past with the help of this product.


Elf Clear Brow and Lash Mascara: This product may be shocking to you since it is so insanely affordable, but I swear it works amazingly! I use this for both my black mascara and my brown brow pomade, as you can likely tell from my photo. My ABH Dipbrow has the tendency to look fuzzy by the end of the day, but I did not want to drop an insane amount of money for a simple brow gel that they offer. This Elf alternative works fantastically, keeping my brow hairs in line and the tails of my brows looking crisp throughout the entire day. The one complaint I have is that the spoolie deposits way too much product, so you must wipe the excess off on the side of the tube.

Initially I was solely using the gel for my eyebrows. However, I decided to use it for my lashes one day since it is also marketed for use that way. I am happy to report that it also super pleased with how it functions on my lashes! I use this on top of mascara that I know has a tendency to transfer underneath my eyes throughout the day. When I seal in my mascara with this gel, I don't have to worry about constantly checking the mirror for raccoon eyes. I can't recommend this enough - and the fact that it's so affordable is a huge plus!

What are your products that you use to beat the heat? See any favorites here? Leave a comment below!