First Impressions: Colourpop Fem Rosa Collection Part One

Happy Monday, everyone!

For my birthday earlier this month, my boyfriend surprised me with the entire Colourpop x Karrueche Fem Rosa collection. I had been lusting over the eyeshadow palette for some time as rosy pink tones are right up my alley, and I am so thrilled to own the complete collection now! I wanted to give me first impressions on the collection so you can determine if you'll be purchasing anything when Colourpop before the limited edition collection is gone forever. As there are so many pieces, my first impressions will be broken up into two posts. Today's is focused on the Her face palette and the lipsticks of the Fem Rosa collection.

Before I dive into the products themselves, we need to discuss this packaging. Colourpop absolutely killed it with this collection! The mixture of rosy pinks, reds, and magentas with rose gold accents is simply stunning. The boxes all have a velvety feel to them a la Nars packaging, making the products seem much more luxurious than your standard drugstore-priced products. I'm a sucker for floral prints, so I drool every time I look at these pieces!

Her Pressed Powder Cheek Palette: This palette comes complete with a highlighter, blush, and bronzer for all of your face needs. Lassie, the highlighter, is a golden shade that would look absolutely stunning on medium/olive skin tones. Admittedly it is far too dark for my complexion to be used on its own, but I can pull it off by using a light hand and layering a white or champagne-toned highlighter layered on top of it. I also love using it as an inner corner eye highlight. It is worth mentioning that Lassie is quite sparkly, however it is smooth and not at all gritty to the touch.

Mistress is a matte blush that is a true rose shade. It is extremely pigmented, so only a light touch is needed to get good color payoff on your cheeks and avoid looking clownish. I have noticed that Mistress has quite a bit more fallout than the highlighter or bronzer, but it's nothing I can't work with. The shade is stunning and so flattering on the face.

Dame is the bronzer of the Her palette. As the website suggests, this truly is a neutral bronzer; it is neither cool-toned nor warm-toned, which I really enjoy. I find that it can be used as a contour shade on its own, or be paired with a warm-toned blush to be used as a bronzer to warm up the face. Like Mistress, Dame is also incredibly pigmented, so go easy when dipping your brush into the pan. Both the blush and the bronzer are incredibly soft and apply on the face effortlessly.

Pictured above are all of the lipsticks of the Fem Rosa collection. From top to bottom, we have Mrs, Contessa, Darling, and Polished. The first three are directly sold on Colourpop's website, however when you spend $20 on the collection, you receive Polished for free!

Mrs: Mrs. is a dusty coral/rose shade in Colourpop's Ultra Satin Lip formula. So far I've found that this lipstick seems to have a more whipped texture in comparison to Colourpop's other Ultra Satins. This allows the lipstick to dry down to a velvety matte look, yet remains feeling comfortable on my lips all day - I'm in love! Mrs is a perfect shade for summertime.

Contessa: Contessa is a light golden gloss with flecks of golden glitter sprinkled throughout. This is in Colourpop's Ultra Glossy Lip formula, however, it is not nearly as pigmented as Colourpop's typical glosses. I would not wear Contessa alone; rather, this shade is a nice lip topper to add some summertime shine to your lips. I'm not a huge fan of lip toppers so I'll likely get the least amount of use from this shade, but it still is very pretty. 

Darling: Darling is a deep purple-plum shade in Colourpop's Ultra Satin Lip formula. If you know me at all, you know vampy lipsticks are my absolute favorite, so it's no surprise that this is my favorite lipstick in the collection. Unlike some vampy shades, Darling is not patchy at all and fades evenly on the lips. Similar to Mrs, this is also a whipped formula (coined 'satin-matte' on Colourpop's website). Darling will be even more stunning in the quickly approaching autumn months.

Polished: Polished is a medium chestnut brown shade also in Colourpop's Ultra Glossy Lip formula. After swatching Contessa, I was fully expecting Polished to be a brown-toned clear gloss reminiscent of the 90s. However, I couldn't be more wrong! Polished is very similar to Colourpop's other Ultra Glossy lipsticks, as it packs full pigmentation with one swipe. This shade will be the perfect complement to grungy looks.

Swatches top to bottom: Mrs, Contessa, Darling, Polished

Swatches top to bottom: Mrs, Contessa, Darling, Polished

Overall, I am loving these pieces of the Fem Rosa collection so far! The Her face palette will suit medium to deep skin tones better than pale ghosts like me, but it is still entirely workable when used with a light hand. I will get a lot of use out of Mistress and Dame in particular! I will also get a ton of use out of the lipsticks per usual, especially since the formula is so comfortable. Although Contessa is admittedly not my favorite, it will challenge me to venture outside my comfort zone to use it as it is undeniably gorgeous.

Wednesday's post will detail my first impressions on the She Eyeshadow Palette from the Fem Rosa collection. Stay tuned to hear my thoughts!

Have you tried any of these pieces from Colourpop's Fem Rosa collection? Planning on picking anything up? Leave a comment below!