First Impressions: Colourpop Fem Rosa Collection Part Two

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

I'm back with part two of my first impressions of the Colourpop x Karrueche Fem Rose collection! In my part one post, I discussed the Her Pressed Powder Cheek Palette and the various lipsticks that are a part of this collection. Today's post will focus on the She Pressed Powder Shadow Palette. This palette is currently out of stock, so be sure to read this post if you're interested in purchasing it when Colourpop restocks their website.


Like the rest of the Fem Rosa collection, the packaging of this palette is simply stunning. It's made of a lightweight cardboard material so it will be perfect to travel with. Normally I am bummed when palette packaging does not contain a mirror, but the artwork on the top half of this packaging is beautiful enough for me to overlook that and use a separate mirror.

The She Eyeshadow Palette offers a selection of rose-toned eyeshadows in a variety of matte, satin, and metallic formulas. If you were a big fan of the Modern Renaissance palette, the She palette will likely be right up your alley. It will be absolutely perfect for the upcoming autumn season! One complaint I do have is that I wish there was a warm matte caramel brown shade included in this palette. A light brown shade would be useful when used in the crease to tie looks together. 

I've found that the texture of these shadows are true to Colourpop's other pressed shadows that they're released. The metallics feel almost creamy. They apply smoothly and look brilliant and sparkly on the eye. To pack an extra punch, you can apply these using your finger or a super dense eyeshadow brush. The satin shade in this palette has a very similar texture to the metallic shades, the only difference being that there is far less glitter in the satin shade. The matte shades are super smooth; because of this, they do have some kickback in the pan, but I don't notice any fallout on my cheeks upon application to my eyes. 

I've only tested these on top of primers thus far, and they last all day without creasing, moving, or getting at all oily. Not too shabby for a $16 palette!

Below are swatches of each of the shades in this palette. I will go into depth about each shade, describing the shades in the top row first, followed by the shades in the middle row, and finally the shades in the last row. It is worth noting that I only used one swipe for each swatch, as I don't believe that layering tons of shadow does much for reflecting the the shadow's true pigmentation. Also keeping it real with ya'll!

Ladylike (metallic): Light, white gold shade. This shade is hard to see as it blends in with my skin tone quite well, but it's a pretty inner corner/brow bone highlight shade.

Babe (satin): Baby peachy pink shade. This shade disappointed me a bit, as I was hoping it would be a touch more pigmented than it is. Nonetheless, it works well when a couple of layers are added to the lid.

Dainty (metallic): Brown-toned pink shade. This is one of my favorites from the palette. It is intensely pigmented with one swipe and looks just stunning on the lid when combined with any of the four matte shades in the crease.

Chick (metallic): Light golden shade. Chick is quite similar to Ladylike. The only major difference is Chick is a bit darker than Ladylike and not quite as packed with white sparkles as Ladylike is. I would have preferred if Colourpop chose a different shade for this slot since it is so similar to Ladylike - perhaps a light metallic mauve or dusty lavender shade would have been nice.

Mademoiselle (metallic): Rose gold shade with flecks of gold shimmer. This likely does not surprise those of you who know me, as you know that I go hard for a good rose gold. Plus this is super pigmented with one swatch - what's not to love?

Gal: Copper shade packed full of pink and copper glitter. Although this shade glitter looks somewhat subtle in my zoomed out swatch photo, it actually looks quite chunky in real life. The chunkiness does make this shade quite a bit more difficult to blend than the others, but it is still workable. 

Empress: Cool-toned mauve shade with baby pink glitter. This is another one of my favorite shades in the palette!

Filly: Fiery orange shade with dark red shimmer. If you could press red-hot lava into an eyeshadow pan, it would look like this color. This is gorgeous when used as a peek-a-boo shade just above the crease.

Dear (matte): Warm pink-toned coral shade. 

Missy (matte): Deep red wine shade that leans slightly brown-toned. Out of all of the mattes, this one is my favorite. It is stunning when used to deepen up the outer v of any looks made with this palette.

Damsel (matte): Deep purple-toned eggplant shade. I was super excited for this shade in particular, but I have to say it has let me down a bit. Damsel is a bit patchy which is not surprising as purple eyeshadows are notoriously difficult to formulate. Despite being patchy, Damsel still blends out well and can be built up with multiple layers easily.

Duchess (matte): Warm orange-toned coral shade. Duchess is fairly similar to Dear, although it leans much more on the orange end of the coral spectrum than the pink end, unlike Dear.

Although three shades (Babe, Chick, and Damsel) did disappoint me a bit, I'm still left with nine shades that I'm head over heels for. And paying $16 for nine homerun shades still amounts to less than $2 per shadow! If you're considering pulling the trigger and buying the She palette when Colourpop restocks it, I encourage you to do it - it is worth every penny.