Review: Bite Beauty Multistick in Mascarpone


Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

I haven't written a review in quite a while and have been playing around with some new goodies lately. Today's post will be focused on Bite Beauty's Multistick in the shade Mascarpone. Bite's Multistick is an ingenuitive product in that it has multiple functionalities. You can easily wear these as an eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick. I'm all for a good multipurpose product, but admittedly I was skeptical that this would work well in each of the individual areas of the face.


In the packaging is a cream stick product with a flat edge, unlike typical bullet cream lipstick designs. The Bite "B" is classily embossed directly onto the cream product. The sturdy packaging it comes in is typical of Bite, with its velvety matte feel a la Nars. The cap snaps back onto the tube magnetically which is something I love. This ensures that the tube is truly closed so the product will not dry out at all unexpectedly.

There is a huge shade range for the Multistick, which was a bit daunting when I was faced with all my options laid out in front of me at Sephora. Bite is known for having a fabulous shade range in their lipsticks, so I'm not surprised by this at all. In the end I decided on the shade Mascarpone, as this is a deep, neutral-toned pink shade that I imagined would look equally lovely on the eyes, lips, and face. 

The description of the Multistick on Sephora's website indicates that it applies like a cream and wears like a powder, which is precisely what I've found through my experience. Interestingly, it claims to be formulated with 35% powder, which is something I've never seen before in a cream product. This unique formulation also makes it easy to be applied with either the fingers or a brush well, which was also surprising to me. 

I initially began using this as a blush as that was the technique I knew I would utilize most often. Initially the cream feels a bit sticky when I apply it on my cheeks, but it blends out effortlessly with my fingers or a blush brush and feels weightless on my face. It somehow manages to not lose the hydrating properties of the cream formulation even after it transforms into a powder. This means that it does not settle into my pores or the fine lines in my face. It also stays put on my cheeks all day, even without setting spray or powder. A huge win in my book!

On the lips, this performs like a stain more than any other type of lip formulation. Despite the fact that it settles down to a powder-like feel, I don't notice it drying out my lips the slightest bit. It was much more comfortable than I expected! As expected, this is definitely not a kiss-proof, eat-proof lipstick like a liquid matte would be. I don't like applying this directly to my mouth as it's often covered in foundation from using it as a blush; instead, I prefer to rub some onto my fingers then pat my fingers onto my lips. This makes for a very natural appearing lip. If you would prefer a more pigmented lip look, the Multistick can be applied directly onto the lips. 

The initial creaminess of the Multistick does lead to some creasing when applied directly onto the eyelids. I always need primer whenever I'm applying eyeshadow since my lids are so oily, and this helps prevent some of those creasing issues, as does setting the lid with a skin-toned powder first. 

As you can tell in the swatch above, the Multistick in Mascarpone is quite pigmented when swatched directly but easily blends out to a lovely flush. I blended it with my fingers for this photo. 

Overall, I am absolutely obsessed with the Bite Multistick! I will get a ton of use out of it, especially applying it as either a blush or lipstick. This is the perfect multi-use product for mornings when I am running late and need a quick splash of color to liven up my face. I am shocked that one product can so easily and effectively serve so many purposes. Bite really nailed the formulation on this one, and I will 100% be purchasing more shades in the future - I'm looking at you, Brioche, and Biscotti!

Have you tried the Bite Multistick yet? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!