Review: Nyx Faux Black Eyeliners


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I hope your weeks are off to a splendid start. I’ve had a super busy week so far, but yesterday was my boyfriend and I’s three-year anniversary so it was nice to settle down and celebrate for a night!

Today’s post will be a review on the Nyx Faux Black Eyeliners. My go-to makeup look on mornings when I don’t want to do anything crazy with eyeshadow is using fun, colored eyeliner. The Faux Black Eyeliner line caught my attention because I gravitate towards darker-toned liners. I’m used to using black eyeliner to apply winged liner nearly every day, so I don’t feel like myself when I wear a super bright or light eyeliner shade. The Nyx Faux Black line contains matte liner shades that are a twist on the average black liner, ranging from rich midnight blues, purples, olives, and burgundies. I bought the shades Oxblood, Onyx, and Obsidian.

Nyx Faux Black Eyeliner swatches. From top to bottom: Onyx, Oxblood, Obsidian

Nyx Faux Black Eyeliner swatches. From top to bottom: Onyx, Oxblood, Obsidian

Onyx: Steely, cool-toned, forest green. This shade has some serious gray undertones – in some lighting it even looks dark gray rather than green.

Oxblood: Deep red shade with purple undertones. This isn’t as deep of a burgundy shade as I expected so I don’t use it on my upper lash line as much as the other two shades, but I still love using this in my waterline to complement eyeshadow looks.

Obsidian: Purple-toned navy blue shade. This is a very versatile shade, but it looks absolutely stunning on brown/green eyes!


These liners are all in crayon form but are super creamy. The formula reminded me quite a bit of the Colourpop Crème Gel liners, but the Nyx ones are far less fragile than the Colourpop ones. The Nyx Faux Black liners glide on smoothly, and even after pressing down firmly I haven’t experienced any breakage whatsoever. They are also intensely pigmented!

The tips of the Faux Black Liners are not super sharp, meaning I cannot get a crisp, precise wing using these. Instead I like to smudge them on my upper lash line or use them in my waterline to complement eyeshadow looks. I do find it difficult to tightline with these as well since the tip is a bit chunky, so I like to use a sharp-tipped black pencil or liquid liner to fill in the gap between my lashes and the Faux Black liner on my upper lashline. This looks seamless since all of the shades have dark undertones. It is worth noting that the tips of the liners do get reshaped easily since they are so soft and creamy, so be sure that you have an eyeliner sharpener on hand to maintain the liners’ pointed shape.

The one real drawback I’ve found with these so far is that they do move around once my eyelids get oily throughout the day. While most of the liner remains on my upper lash line, some will smudge upwards towards my crease. However, if I apply these liners on top of eyeshadow primer, I don’t experience any slipping or sliding at all – they look perfect from the time of application until the time I remove my makeup at night! When I apply these in my waterline, I do find that they last quite a while; however, I experience some minimal fading around the 6 hour mark of wear-time.

Overall, for a drugstore eyeliner, I was quite impressed by these. I really love the shade selection that Nyx offers for the Faux Blacks line, and will likely pick up more shades in the future. If you’re someone who has an aversion to bold, black eyeliner, consider giving these a shot!

Have you tried any of the shades from the Nyx Faux Black Eyeliner collection? Which are your favorites? Leave a comment below!