One Year of Blogging


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I've returned after a brief hiatus from blogging! In the time I've been gone, I've taken a trip to Nashville with my boyfriend, gone home to visit family, and been extremely busy at work during the week. I missed you all while I was gone, and am so happy to be back!

Crazily enough, tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Glamourish! I officially made my first blog post on September 21st, 2016. I am shocked at how quickly time passed! It seems like just yesterday I finally made the leap to pursue my crazy dreams of becoming a beauty blogger.

Over this past year, I've learned countless lessons about blogging. Today I'm here to share with you some of those that I consider most important. 

Lesson 1: You don't need to spend a lot of money to be a beauty blogger.
This notion was what held me back from beginning beauty blogging years ago. I've always been jealous of those who are able to spend lavish amounts of money on new beauty products to constantly produce fresh new reviews of. However, I am not at a point in my life or my career where this is a feasible option for me. Despite that, I've found ways to create content without the expense of draining my wallet. If you, like myself, have always wanted to start a blog but heistated for financial reasons, take a leap of faith and go for it. Never feel pressured to keep up with those in the blogging community who have more makeup than they will likely ever be able to use - what you are able to do within your own limits is more than enough. 

Lesson 2: Studio lighting is your friend.
When I first started blogging, I felt immense pressure to only use natural sunlight as a light source for my pictures. Since I work a full time job and have a commute that requires me to leave at 6:30 am and not return until 5:30 pm, this became quite demanding and ultimately unrealistic. For a while I took all of my photos for the week on the weekends, but that began to cut into the small amount of free time I have to do whatever I please. I eventually caved and bought a $35 studio lighting set off Amazon and haven't looked back. Now I'm able to take photos when I'm home from work at my own leisure. And the best part is you can't tell the difference in my pictures at all!

Lesson 3: Engaging with who you follow makes blogging more fulfilling.
Throughout the past year of blogging, I've developed internet acquaintances who I look forward to interacting with each day. The blogging community can be so supportive and encouraging, which has been one of my favorite parts of this whole crazy blog thing I've embarked upon. I look forward to certain ladies' posts, comments, and DMs on days where the real world gets me down. My goal for the next year is to make time to interact with people even more, as that friendly community aspect really means the world to me. 

Lesson 4: Post what you like instead of what you think others will like.
You will feel much more fulfilled in the end when you have a feed that you enjoy scrolling through - and that individual creativity will attract others' attention, as well! I began taking overexposed, simple photos of makeup products, because that's what I thought I was supposed to do. However, over time I've developed my own style, using lots of props, saturated colors, and dark shadows, because that's what I love personally. This lesson has revolutionized the way I take photos, and has made the process a lot more fun along the way. 

Lesson 5: Success doesn't come overnight.
Many outsiders believe that posting on Instagram once daily seems like a piece of cake. However, I generally spend about one hour brainstorming Instagram and blogging ideas for the week, one and a half hours or more shooting pictures for my Instagram feed, and at least two and a half hours shooting photos for blog posts, then editing the photos and writing the post up. And those five hours don't include the countless amount of time I spend scrolling through Instagram to support other bloggers' posts, replying to comments on your own posts, and editing photos to maintain a cohesive feed! So much dedication goes into this, and I have a lot of respect for those who seem to invest even more time than I do into their blog. 

Lesson 6: It's okay to take a break.
Blogging is hard work. It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to be successful. But the moment blogging becomes a chore is the minute you lose all creativity. I recently went through a time where I dreaded taking photos and coming up with ideas for blog posts, hence why I took a brief hiatus. Now that I'm back, my creative juices are once again flowing and I feel back to normal. Always remember that Instagram or blogging platforms will always be there for you when you are ready to return. Your mental sanity and creativity are far more important than making posts every 24 hours on top of other life commitments. 

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for supporting Glamourish over this past year! I would not have been able to do this without the support of my loved ones and the blogging community. I look forward to continue learning and growing over this next year of blogging. I hope you stick around to ride out this journey with me!